school work found under The Eiffel Tower '99
Esperanza's food truck every day '99 - Carlsbad, CA
Fred Nicole on his drawing - Fontainebleau, France '99
Siegfried and Roy - Las Vegas statue '99
park in France on newspaper - 1 dollar = 1 Euro '99
Alex on stationary - 227B '99
fountain in Aix en Provence, France on envelope '99
John on Voyager Pant pattern at Prana '99
Jenny, Grandma Maxine, Grandpa Murphy on RV notes - Escondido, CA '99
my sister Kelly on her sign language notes - Las Vegas '99
my step dad Paul shot in front of the bar he worked at. Treasure Island - Las Vegas '99
my Mom on  piece of paper taken off her fridge
Noami, Laura, Maria, Anna - Prana '99
Tizi on college notes - Pint Loma, CA '99
Beach day with Tizi - Point Loma, CA - on her time card '99
the front of Caesars Palace on flier - Las Vegas '99
Andrea on receipt for make up artist supplies - Hollywood, CA '99
Demian on classifieds - Encinitas, CA '99
Vintage Polaroid ad 
The above series of photos were shot with a 1970 Polaroid Land Camera 340 given to me by my Grandma Maxine The dry transfers were made on the first piece of paper I found within 60 seconds of taking the photo.  All images shot around 1999 

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